Getting Started

I started typing this while kneeling at my coffee table. My 7-week-old daughter was sleeping strapped to my front in the Snugli, and she’d get smothered in my shirt if I sat down. If I removed the Snugli, she’d probably wake up.

But when the back pain got to be too much, I wrestled myself and baby out of the Snugli. Somehow, she’s still sleeping, but now I have to hold her in one arm and type one-handed.

The reason Lucy got put in the Snugli in the first place was that it was time to make supper, and she was neither willing to sleep nor sit cheerfully in her swing. On the menu was Taco Bake, which I’d frozen the meat mixture for months ago but didn’t have enough cheddar to top today.

Observation: Homemaking requires creativity.

Full disclosure: My only frying pan was still dirty in the sink from last night’s supper — a new recipe for us, Eggs Baked in Red Wine (which was pretty good). After washing it out, trying not to get the baby wet, I was monitoring Facebook as the meat mixture warmed up. I’d put a call out for advice on cleaning cloth diapers.

I have a coupon for Pampers, though.

I’m not Martha Stewart. I’m a young wife and a new mom who’s impatient and fairly messy. But I also want this homemaking thing to work. For my little family, I want a relaxed, peaceful, and stimulating haven. I have some ideas to share on working toward this, but I also want to create a place for others to share their ideas. And questions. I have a lot of those.


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