Scary Chemicals: Help Me With Dishwasher Detergents

Whenever possible, I like to use natural products. For one, they’re better for the earth. But second, God knows what the chemicals in the products we use every day are doing to us. Every week there’s a new study about something causing cancer.

I already use Seventh Generation laundry detergent (although my mom says she’s found it leaves her whites dingy), Seventh Generation dish soap, and the Menards natural toilet and bathroom cleaners.

But one place I’m having trouble is with dishwashing detergents. I used to use the Seventh Generation, but it just wasn’t getting things clean enough. Upon a recommendation, I started using the Cascade Complete pacs, and those work really well (when we keep salt in the water softener…). BUT, they are not natural. Does anyone have recommendations? I’m getting to the end of a bag of Cascade tabs and would like to try something new.

(Also, I’m looking for a good natural stain remover, now that Baby has joined our family.)



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4 responses to “Scary Chemicals: Help Me With Dishwasher Detergents

  1. mabasinger

    Being the one to recommend Cascade, I also know there are a lot of detergent “recipes” out their comprised mainly of borax. Maybe do some research on this….

  2. I read this blog a lot, and while I haven’t tried this recipe (we have tons of lime in our water so it took me forever to find something that works), I have used a lot of her other homemade cleaners and have really liked them. There are also a bunch of other suggestions in the comments.

  3. Grnadma

    I use the Palmolive eco+ in my dishwasher and that works really great. But you do need to keep salt in your softner or everything is going to start looking dinge includeing your clothes.

  4. I found Cascade etches my glasses (I believe due to the level of phosphates) so started using Palmolive eco which works well enough. You might want to check out the dishwasher detergent from Norwex. I have not used it but have used other Norwex products and am very happy with them. They are all environmentally friendly. If you need a contact for getting them (they are sold via consultants) I can give you a name.

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