Upcoming Experiments

Special thanks to Natalie for her comment last week about making her own dishwasher detergent. It’s inspired me to try and do the same, and possibly a few other DIY projects.

First up, I’m going to try and make cloth diaper wipes. Some people I’ve mentioned this to seem turned off by it, but it’s not going to cost me much to give it a shot. I spent $5.50 on some flannel yesterday; I plan to cut it up, arrange rectangles wrong sides together, and surge the edges. Might as well make a few burp rags while I’m doing that.

Then, I’m going to try my hand at homemade dishwasher detergent. I haven’t settled on any particular recipe yet. Does anyone have suggestions to share?

(Side note: In the comments of the blog Natalie pointed me to, I found this link to a blog by a dishwasher repairman. He had some great points about how dishwashers work and mentioned one natural additive, LemiShine. I bought some and am going to try it out. He also mentioned that liquid detergents are bad for your dishwasher.)

If that’s not a total disaster, I’d like to try laundry detergent as well. Again, any suggestions?

And if neither of those are disasters (and knowing me, that could be a big if!), DIY stain remover and diaper detergent are next on the list. I’ve also read this week about DIY cheese and DIY shampoo, but I think those are out of my league.

All of these, of course, are baby willing…



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2 responses to “Upcoming Experiments

  1. andrea

    my neighbor makes cheese and he said it’s super easy! we try not to eat much cheese here, but I bet you could totally do it! I’m going to be trying to make some stuff in the near future too, but more food based I think. like hummus and bread for starters. I’ve considered laundry detergent too, so I’m anxious to hear how it goes!

  2. Jenny S.

    I make my own laundry detergent and it works really well. I use a little more detergent than I would if I were using store-bought, though. It’s very inexpensive and easy to make. I got my recipe from the Duggar’s family website: http://duggarfamily.com/content/duggar_recipes/30455/homemade_liquid_laundry_soap_front_or_top_load_machine_best_value

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