Cleaning: Let’s Just Say We Did?

I’m not the cleanest of people.

(Or maybe that’s an understatement, former roommates of mine might tell you.)

But in the not-so-distant future our tiny human will become mobile and grabby, and my ways will need to change lest I want to make daily trips to the E.R. I’m frequently pledging to get my act together like most messy people do, anyway.

I have an inkling that I might need to make a cleaning schedule: this room on Mondays, that chore on Tuesdays, etc. But what chores are really worth doing, and how often? If they’re not overtly filthy, how often should you really bother to clean a window?  Vacuum? Dust? What else is there?




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3 responses to “Cleaning: Let’s Just Say We Did?

  1. Christine

    The only chores we’re ever able to get done are dishes, laundry, and sweeping our floor. With two kids, one of whom in cloth diapers, we have to do at least two loads of laundry a day to keep from having huge marathons of it. We have to sweep the floor every night because there is so much food on it by the end of the day we are grossed out to walk around. We know we need to vacuum more often because Miles often has fistfuls of cathair (slight exaggeration) in his hands. I dust maybe twice a year, which is a little gross but in the grand scheme of things–who really cares? Our friends and family that see the house don’t, and our kids don’t have allergies, so that’s really all that matters to us. By the way, I’m enjoying your blog!

  2. I have found this website really helpful in this area of my life… I don’t remember if all that I use is from this site, but I probably linked from this site too. Tons of info to sift through and find what works for you. I haven’t gotten in the groove just yet as my house has been in a wreck for several weeks due to a water pipe that leaked and now we essentially have nothing in our basement…not good. But it helps me spread out the work and not feel overloaded.

  3. I think dusting can wait and almost never do it. Dishes, laundry and floors (sweeping mainly) are the bigger demons and are done daily. Or let’s be honest every other. We don’t do cloth diapers so we aren’t needing diapers washed constantly. I find if I am leaving a room to go to another I pick something up and pick up as I go. Hubby doesn’t really get that this little task makes a huge difference. For example: Noah wears his Spiderman man costume down from the playroom, he takes a bath I put the costume at the bottom of the steps to go upstairs when we either go up to the playroom or to Noah’s room for bedtime instead of leaving it in the bathroom on the towel rod. With kiddos you need to give yourself some grace, as long as your home is safe let the little things slide a bit. My laundry sits clean and in a basket for a couple of days, no joke, before I get to folding it!

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