‘Sell By’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Throw Out By’

It’s a pretty regular occurrence in my fridge that there’s a bag of spinach or carton of eggs that’s not used up by its “sell by” date.  I remember being told that it was okay to use eggs after that date, but … is it really? What about the spinach?

I never really did find out about the spinach — which is especially irksome as it’s the title photo of the following article — but did learn some more about how long things keep.

(I learned it from a Google search.) Here is a Business Week slideshow and article.)

  • “Sell By” is a date for sellers and selling, though it helps you gauge an item’s age.
  • If your fridge is cold enough, milk can last 2-5 days beyond sell-by.
  • Meat should be used or frozen within two days of when you brought it home, regardless of the sell-by date, because most of us don’t keep our fridges cold enough.
  • Ground meats should only stay in the freezer for three months. (Wow!)
  • This article suggests cereal should be used within six months of purchase. I know the boxes are dated generally a year out, though…
  • Eggs can be used 3-5 WEEKS beyond sell-by. Though that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re super-fresh.

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