Recipes Du Jour: Carnitas and Cookies

Thanks to Devi and Jacki for their references to these recipes! We just had the carnitas for dinner and will try (ha) to make the cookies last the week.

Smitten Kitchen shared this recipe for Carnitas from another blog. (P.S., thanks also to Devi for introducing me to Smitten Kitchen! I think I’ve browsed through 144 pages of her recipes now, bookmarking relentlessly…) The carnitas were pretty good — we’ve never had them before. I think I cut my meat up too small, but they still tasted great and were easy to make. If pork butt wasn’t so pricey (I’m cheap about buying meat — only bought a 2-pound piece here), it might well become a regular thing here.

Jacki shared this recipe for No Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies yesterday from Stephanie Cooks. (I should check out that blog some more.) They use oil instead. I think they taste pretty good, though you can tell something is very slightly different. They’re good enough that my husband doesn’t seem to know anything’s different, or at least hasn’t said so. I was a little disappointed to find the recipe barely made two dozen cookies — my own fault for not thinking about it in advance. Side note, I didn’t use the full amount of chocolate chips. It seemed pretty packed full of them with 1.5 cups.

Last night I tried to make the crusty sandwich bread from the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day master recipe dough (see earlier posts for those links). It didn’t get very tall, but then it also didn’t survive until a sandwich meal, either. 🙂

I’m really on a new recipe kick lately. It must be because making time to cook is fairly difficult this week!


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