It’s April: Time to Quit Fooling Around

This morning, after I finished my grocery shopping list, I took out another piece of paper and started a second list of goals. The particular list was for this week, but it’s part of a larger focus for the month on reform.

“April 1,” my husband and I have quipped, regarding the usual exercise and diet pledges. (Of course it’s been shifted now to April 2, because who starts things in the middle of a weekend?)

The two general areas of reform in question are spending and health — what else? Now that our baby is here and we’re settling more into a routine, it just seems like it’s time to settle into better routines while we’re at it.

My goals for this week:

1. Take the baby on at least two walks.

2. Try out our cloth diapers, starting Monday afternoon after our newborn class.

3. Serve a veggie with every supper this week.

4. Make a batch of twice-baked potatoes to freeze.

5. Clean out the fridge.

6. Order a smaller garbage bin.

7. Only two trips to the coffee shop this week!

8. Research laundry detergent recipes.

UPDATE: I made this dishwasher detergent last week. I’m undecided so far on how much I like it after about four loads. The first two were without salt in the water softener, so I’m reserving judgement one more week. Note if you do make it, it really does clump up and try to turn into a rock right away. I did as someone suggested and left my container open on the counter for a few days, stirring frequently, and it came out okay.


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  1. Those are great and very reachable goals. A good thing when you have a baby around. A few tips, make sure that while you are setting goals and routines to add laundry to that schedule, it makes cloth diapering SOOOOOO much easier. Don’t be a goon and clean out the fridge the day AFTER garbage pick up so you have to smell what’s in the garbage bin all week. I have found the best day to clean out my fridge is the day I make the grocery list, so that I see what I really have on hand and what is about to expire and needs to be used up.

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