The Intrigue of ‘Real Food’

A friend who saw my request for vegetable recipes (thanks!) recommended the blog 100 Days Of Real Food.

I have to confess that I haven’t even looked at the recipes yet — the concept of the blog as a whole has me too distracted.

The blogger and her family are committed, to perhaps oversimplify it, to eliminating processed foods from their diet. Their personal rules throw out refined grains, refined sweeteners (including sugar), deep-fried and fast foods, and any packaged item with more than five ingredients listed. The goal is to focus on “whole” foods.

I haven’t read too much about their reasoning, assuming health would trump anything else. What could be better for our bodies than foods the way they’re (pesticide-free) grown naturally? There’s always another chemical being determined to cause cancer; I’m certain there are things we eat every day we don’t yet know about that contain chemicals or are processed in a way that is a serious hazard to our health. Take the recent pink slime controversy, for example. I’m pretty sure eating ammonia can’t be good for you.

They point out that “real” or “whole” foods are not the same as “natural” or “organic” foods. “Natural” and “organic” foods can still be processed and refined. Also, “real”/”whole” foods are not necessarily low-fat or low-cal. I like that. It makes sense. It lines up with what people have done for millenia. (That’s kind of my gold-standard as I learn to care for a baby —  a mom in the Middle Ages didn’t have a watch telling her to feed her baby every three hours, but civilization kept going. For my husband, “If it’s so serious, why don’t they call it meningitis?”)

The idea sounds great, but of course it is totally foreign to my eating and buying habits. And, as the friend who recommended the blog pointed out, “real” food is not as budget-friendly as processed food. If I really believe it’s so wise, though, shouldn’t it be worth the overhaul? Or at least a partial overhaul? Especially with a brand-new little life in my hands?

(Sip of Diet Coke.)

I’m kind of at a standstill.


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