Silence: Is That the Sound of the Baby Sleeping?

Oh, I was mistaken. The silence has disappeared.

My 3-month-old daughter had been falling asleep while eating up until the last week. She has now started changing up her routine and eats, then plays, then gets tired. At that point she wants to be rocked to sleep.

I’m a snuggling fan, so generally I’m okay with “rockabye.” But sometimes I’d rather not — such as at 4 a.m.

And of course I want her to develop good sleeping habits. I want her to be able to self-soothe and magically get put in her crib and fall asleep.

(Allegedly that is possible.)

(Still no silence.)

Is this really possible? If so, is it also realistic? And if both of those, how?

The parent educators at my newborn class said you really can’t spoil a baby under 6 months old. True or false? Is 3 months too soon to start letting her cry herself to sleep? And how do you do it — just really set her down and let her cry?

And cry, and cry …



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3 responses to “Silence: Is That the Sound of the Baby Sleeping?

  1. Michelle Eckstrom

    I tend to sing Daphne 1-3 short songs and then put her down in her crib. If she cries after that, then I give her 10 minutes to see if she falls asleep on her own. If she is still crying pretty well after 10 minutes then I go in and calm her down and start over again. If she is quiet during that 10 minute time then once she starts crying again I start the 10 minutes over. It kills me to hear her cry, but it gets better and she has learned to fall asleep on her own. I hope that helps!

  2. Christine Darr

    It seems like for our boys things starting shifting around a lot after three months. We didn’t really start to train our boys to sleep until somewhere between 6 and 7 months. With our youngest I think we tried for a week or so every month starting at around 4 months, but it just never took. And we did what I think is called the ‘extinguish’ method, where they cry until they stop crying. I don’t know how I feel about it still, but it worked and our kids seem to be fine emotionally. We decided that doing it gradually seemed to prolong the inevitable, making it more difficult on everyone (of course, all kids and parents are different). Do what feels right to you and try not to look up too much stuff online. People have SO MANY opinions on this, as I’m sure you’ve seen. That’s my two cents, anyway.

  3. g2-eb78f33000551d74abe94831ae914268

    Ariel: as I stated on your Facebook page, it depends on the kids. Devin just started sleeping through the night at 1. Now it got better then worse and now he is good to go. Aneliese was better, by about 7 months she was sleeping through the night and it took three nights in a row of her crying. The first night, she cried for 1 hour. The second night, 30 minutes. Third night, 10 minutes. Fourth night nothing. It all depends.

    Just get into a routine with Lucy and it will fall in to place soon.

    Jenny and I found it was very helpful to alternate getting up. That way we both got about the same amount of sleep.

    Yes, you get cranky and want your sleep back but, do not expect it back at three months!

    Best advice I can give you and drink some good coffee and enjoy the little bit of sleep that you are getting. It all gets better.

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