Taming the Baby Toy Jungle

Everyone who’s ever seen a baby knows you “need” a small mountain of stuff to care for one.

I’m not a huge fan of “stuff,” so I’m trying to minimize what we buy for our 3-month-old daughter. No wipe warmers, bottle warmers. Borrowing a swing, bouncy chair, a bassinet and a “gym” for her. Lots of hand-me-down clothes, garage saling, consignment sales, clearance racks.

She has a very healthy basket of board books (and yet we read the same four most of the time).

Where I’m puzzled is baby toys. We have perhaps four, besides the large apparatuses that are taking over our living room.

Baby enjoys her play gym and bouncy chair and bats at the animals. She can even get them into her mouth a bit. But when I see the tables full of toys at sales and stores, I have no clue what to get. Probably most of them would entertain her at one time or another, but which ones are helpful developmentally? Which ones aren’t super-annoying? And how many toys are necessary to have at minimum?

And won’t she prefer the pots and pans half the time anyway?


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  1. Less is more, IMHO. I’d suggest not buying much of anything. For one thing your baby will likely get many toys as gifts over the years and you will likely find yourself with too many in short order. If you want to buy toys (and what parent doesn’t want to get things for their baby?!) stick with a few tried and true favorites like the “squish” and other non-battery/computer chip/noisy toys which can be bad for baby’s ears. I liked more “natural” toys for my kids when they were babies. And yes, pots and pans are wonderful as are blocks and empty containers of all kinds.

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