Adventures in Gardening

While baby tries to wail herself to sleep, Mom finished planting her little patio garden.

I have no green thumb, or any green fingers at all. Not even blue or yellow. This is a true adventure. My one houseplant is extremely forgiving and puts up with being watered every two weeks or less — whenever it looks completely dead, I give it a drink, and within a couple of days it’s thriving again.

But a little part of me has always found gardening very romantic. I think one of my original 100 life goals was to have a true English garden a la “Secret Garden.” And gardening lines up with the key demographic of many of my other hobbies: knitting, cooking, reading old mysteries, quilting, genealogy…

Last year I had one plant on my front steps. I think it survived a while. And there was another deck planter, which I realized too late didn’t have drainage holes.

This year the operation’s been ramped up.

A total of three planters are on the porch railing. The first contains five herbs: chives, parsley, oregano, rosemary, and cilantro. (Had to keep their little markers — not smart enough to remember what a couple of them are!)

Second pot contains six marigolds. They might be too close together, according to the package instructions … I thought they looked too far apart. I always love marigolds and tulips because they were the first two flowers I can remember my mom planting. Marigolds also make me think of earthworms, though — I was scared to death of worms when I was five, and my mom made me hold one next to the marigold bed. It pooped in my hand.

The third pot is seedlings: four spinach seeds and four mesculin salad lettuce seeds. The basil seed packet went AWOL.

On the front steps is a pot of geraniums. (Surrounded by some weeds.) Apparently the bush in the background is dead. More about the bushes another day.

I’d still like to try to do a tomato plant. Anyone have success with a container-garden tomato plant? Do you remember what variety you bought?

Finally, a question.

What should I do with this dead patch? Our townhome association tries to plant grass in it every fall. This is my front yard, with a driveway just outside of view at the bottom.


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  1. Ariel — Yeah, gardening! You can definitely grow a tomato in a pot. The cherry varieties work really well and you may be able to find a start that is labeled for containers. (Try the farmer’s market for good, cheap plant starts.) You will need to water it everyday. Your little herb garden should give you lots of herbs for cooking, too.

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