I Made A Whole Chicken!

Me! I did! I made a whole chicken!

And it was easy. Check out this simple slow-cooker recipe at 100 Days of Real Food. Throw in the chicken, rub it with some spices, cook. Mine went exactly four hours, and while the meat wasn’t actually falling off the bone, it was really tender. I think I’ll try adjusting the spices a little differently next time — a little more salt, for instance. But there will be a next time. There was enough from the 3.5 pound bird for a chicken dinner, quesadillas the second day, and enough to put in the freezer for something like more quesadillas.

The blog also follows up with simple directions for using your leftover carcass to make your own chicken stock. I now have 12 cups of it in my refrigerator! Now, where to put it…



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2 responses to “I Made A Whole Chicken!

  1. Cooking a whole bird is a triumph — also very frugal because, if you manage the leftovers, you can get 3 or 4 meals out of one. I demand the carcass at my family’s Thanksgiving (and since no one else wants it, they now pack it up for me) and make a big vat of stock and then soup with it. You can freeze stock, but I think it gets a little funky after a month or so, so you should have a plan on how to use it. Congratulations!

  2. Love all the things you can make out of one whole chicken! I make chicken enchiladas, in fact just made some last night. Too bad you already froze your leftover chicken they are get to freeze and just grab one or two at a time. Anyway, way to go and that recipe is on my Sweet Elder blog under Poultry.

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