Recipe Review: Pizza-Topped Meatloaf

(Yes, I feel that “meatloaf” is one word. Just as the loaf is one, solid unit.)

Meatloaf is not a favorite of mine. Generally, I find it, well, loaf-y and boring. But pizza-topped meatloaf sounded like it at least couldn’t be worse than plain meatloaf.

And it wasn’t! (Worse, that is.) It was good enough to make again. Good enough to even remember to take a picture of it.  And really pretty easy, too, though I felt like I had a fair number of dishes dirtied. Probably my own fault. Thanks to the wife of The Ranting Chef for the recipe.

I was feeling cheap so I skipped the sausage and just used a whole pound of hamburger, and went a little easier on the milk. Also, I found mine needed to cook a little longer than the recipe called for. That might have to do with my adjustments.

Otherwise, the real test: What happens to the leftovers. My husband had seconds before he went to bed, and the rest of it will likely become lunch today.


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