Recipe Success: Creamy Chicken Taquitos

Once again, there were many improvisations. But the Creamy Chicken Taquitos from Stephanie Cooks were still a success!

Proof: Says husband, “These should go in our regular rotation.”

They’re pretty simple — mix together chicken, cheese, some other spices, and bake them in tortillas. Of course, I hadn’t gotten to the store yet, so I subbed Italian cheese and gruyere-cheddar for the cheddar cheese; subbed light cream cheese; red salsa for salsa verde; went easy on the hot spices; and only had two tortillas to work with in the end. I was only making a half batch, so I cut my two big tortillas in half and ended up with four half-taquitos and some filling baked over the top of them.

I feel like they could have been creamier yet, but I was eyeballing the measurements and halving the recipe, so it’s too soon to judge. But still, they were good the way they were!


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