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Life gets busy

I was just looking back at my post on Baked Chicken Meatballs to remember what I wanted to do differently this time, and it made me realize it’s been quite a while since the last post.

Basically, like everyone on the planet, I get busy. There are too many ways I want to invest my time, and unfortunately blogging falls low on the priority list. But I don’t want to erase what’s already been published. You probably just won’t hear from me much.


  • I started working half-time at the end of May. It was a good decision. I love my job, and I also love that there’s time leftover to play mommy and wife and housekeeper.
  • Baby is now mobile. She army crawls everywhere, picks up every speck off the floor, and is now interested in trying to pull herself up (and has, once). In short, she requires more careful supervision.
  • Cooking has been less adventurous lately. New recipes get tried occasionally. I’m hoping to start doing more freezing of meals as my work schedule changes and I’ll be working some full days. That will require planning! I must plan to make a plan.
  • The hunt for a granola bar recipe has stopped, or paused, anyhow. But I have become a big fan of the granola cereal from 100 Days of Real Food. A batch lasts me about a week of breakfasts (and some snacks), and I’ve taken to making double-batches now so I don’t have to make it as often.
  • My dream of making all my bread from scratch is also on hold. My husband didn’t seem to be eating it. And now, we just aren’t eating that much bread, anyhow.
  • Summer has meant learning more about farmers markets. Our vegetable consumption is still not what it needs to be, but my recent interest is baked squash. I’m stocking up on local squash now while they’re in season. Found someone who sells farm eggs for a decent price, and just today found honey produced in town for a decent price, too.
  • Newest struggle is feeding a baby. I’ve had some guilt about feeding her formula about half the time, when she could have breast milk if I just worked harder at pumping. Solids are now entering the picture, too. I froze some peas, beans, squash, sweet potatoes, and peaches, but end up giving her applesauce often because it’s easy and she loves it. She’s also entered the world of puffs. We breezed through the world of cereal, because I found it boring — and irritating. Have you ever looked how many ingredients are in the average box of baby rice cereal? Makes me uncomfortable. I’m feeling generally uncomfortable about feeding non-food chemicals to this brand-new little body (and then eat them myself).

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Baby Blurb

The last few weeks have been busy ones for my 7-month-old daughter. It’s hard to resist the temptation to write down her every move on Facebook!

So I’ll write some of them here for quasi-posterity. If I print it out and put it in her baby book, then it’s real posterity, too. For my own amusement:

  • Baby started looking like she was about to creep or crawl in mid-August. My brother went off to college, and we said she’d probably be crawling when he came home for Labor Day. And it was true! Right after that she started army crawling, and she’s really getting around now.
  • Baby supervision is thus a much bigger job now. She would never consider playing contently on the square of her play gym now. The gym is a starting block from which she decides what trouble to get into next.
  • Trouble there is. First, the entertainment center had pretty sharp corners at the bottom that needed padding. She became attracted to every speck of anything on the floor — Mommy had to find her vacuum and broom. She fell in love with electrical cords. She made it her personal mission to get behind the entertainment center, and thus the first dining room chair fell into baby-proofing duty. ¬†Etc., etc.
  • I was feeling her gums today and felt some sharp little bottom teeth for the first time!
  • Today was her first visit to the local library’s infant lapsit.
  • Also today she had her first little puffs to eat. I think of the five we took out of the container, up to a third of one may have been ingested. But it kept her interested while we had supper.
  • She is extremely observant. Always curious, touching everything. As my mom says, “her little hamster is always going” in her head.
  • She’s started saying d’s.
  • She’s still not big enough that I can carry her on my hip, which is inconvenient.
  • Her tiny blond hairs look like they’ve grown a little in the last month or so.
  • She’s entering the phase where she bonks her head on something several times a day.
  • For quite a while she’s been taking four half-hour naps a day. Lately, she’ll wake up from a short nap and seems to be in great need of another. I wish we could figure out how to do an hour-long nap!
  • I keep her Fisher-Price rotary telephone on the bottom shelf of her changing table. If I set her down on her bedroom floor, she makes a beeline for the telephone. Likewise, she notices if a new toy is on the floor amid her normal ones. She has a memory!
  • She has the world’s most kissable cheeks.

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