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Baby Blurb

The last few weeks have been busy ones for my 7-month-old daughter. It’s hard to resist the temptation to write down her every move on Facebook!

So I’ll write some of them here for quasi-posterity. If I print it out and put it in her baby book, then it’s real posterity, too. For my own amusement:

  • Baby started looking like she was about to creep or crawl in mid-August. My brother went off to college, and we said she’d probably be crawling when he came home for Labor Day. And it was true! Right after that she started army crawling, and she’s really getting around now.
  • Baby supervision is thus a much bigger job now. She would never consider playing contently on the square of her play gym now. The gym is a starting block from which she decides what trouble to get into next.
  • Trouble there is. First, the entertainment center had pretty sharp corners at the bottom that needed padding. She became attracted to every speck of anything on the floor — Mommy had to find her vacuum and broom. She fell in love with electrical cords. She made it her personal mission to get behind the entertainment center, and thus the first dining room chair fell into baby-proofing duty.  Etc., etc.
  • I was feeling her gums today and felt some sharp little bottom teeth for the first time!
  • Today was her first visit to the local library’s infant lapsit.
  • Also today she had her first little puffs to eat. I think of the five we took out of the container, up to a third of one may have been ingested. But it kept her interested while we had supper.
  • She is extremely observant. Always curious, touching everything. As my mom says, “her little hamster is always going” in her head.
  • She’s started saying d’s.
  • She’s still not big enough that I can carry her on my hip, which is inconvenient.
  • Her tiny blond hairs look like they’ve grown a little in the last month or so.
  • She’s entering the phase where she bonks her head on something several times a day.
  • For quite a while she’s been taking four half-hour naps a day. Lately, she’ll wake up from a short nap and seems to be in great need of another. I wish we could figure out how to do an hour-long nap!
  • I keep her Fisher-Price rotary telephone on the bottom shelf of her changing table. If I set her down on her bedroom floor, she makes a beeline for the telephone. Likewise, she notices if a new toy is on the floor amid her normal ones. She has a memory!
  • She has the world’s most kissable cheeks.

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Working Motherhood, Day 3

The first day of dropping off baby was the easiest so far — in part, because it was later in the morning!

Day two was the first morning at our new regular time. After getting up for baby’s early feeding, I pretty much had to stay up for the rest of the day in order to get myself bathed, bottles ready, bags packed, breakfast and lunch made. Kind of a rude shock after our living at baby’s whim for four months!

What I didn’t account for: Babysitting isn’t just from the minute I start work to the minute I get off. There’s easily another 20 minutes each day to pay for between when I drop her off and when I arrive at work, and then the same at the end of a shift.

Baby is breastfed. Estimating how many ounces she’ll need while we’re apart  + getting it bottled = challenge. Baby was hungry on Day 2 and had to have her first two ounces of formula (which she took without batting an eye). I felt guilty.

Apparently she is crankier for the sitter than she is at home. I felt guilty.

When we get home, we snuggle in our chair, and she falls asleep pretty quick. Naps quite a bit now in the afternoons, because her cousins tire her out!

Bedtime comes, and she tries to buck sleep. I think about keeping her up, too — once she goes to sleep, then our relaxed time together is over until the next afternoon. I let her cry herself to sleep tonight and was a little disappointed when it worked!

I got coffee this morning without having to drag the baby with me. I felt guilty.

So far, it seems like a lot of “working” motherhood is about feeling guilty.

(On the plus side, my job is going well.)


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Now I Am A Working Mother

Today I sent my child to daycare.

Okay, it isn’t exactly daycare — it’s her auntie, who lives six minutes away, and her two little cousins. And it wasn’t even all day. It was four hours.

But it was the first four hours of me becoming a part-time working mom. I explained to baby, as she sucked away on her pacifier in the back seat of the car, that this will be a regular thing now. She’ll go see her auntie — or once in a while her other auntie, or maybe her uncle — four mornings a week and play and have a fun time while Mommy goes to work. Mommy will come back for her after lunch.

She’s four months old. She’s still figuring out that I’m Mommy and that this big place with ceiling fans and mirrors is Earth. So I know it is far more difficult for me than it is, if at all, for her. See the previous post on this subject.

Mommy has gone back to her old job for a while, cataloging and scanning at a museum, so it’s nice that the learning curve is minimal. What I wasn’t expecting was the challenge to working that part of my brain again. It felt a little intense at first!

Another thing I didn’t expect was the awkwardness of the transition between being work-me and being Mommy-me. As I walk in the door at work, I turn off my Mommy thoughts and turn on my museum thoughts. Then, at the designated time, I turn off the one and turn on the other again. And ne’er the twain shall meet. Like I’m two totally separate people.

Maybe that’s a good thing, though. Wherever I am, I want to be all there.

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Taming the Baby Toy Jungle

Everyone who’s ever seen a baby knows you “need” a small mountain of stuff to care for one.

I’m not a huge fan of “stuff,” so I’m trying to minimize what we buy for our 3-month-old daughter. No wipe warmers, bottle warmers. Borrowing a swing, bouncy chair, a bassinet and a “gym” for her. Lots of hand-me-down clothes, garage saling, consignment sales, clearance racks.

She has a very healthy basket of board books (and yet we read the same four most of the time).

Where I’m puzzled is baby toys. We have perhaps four, besides the large apparatuses that are taking over our living room.

Baby enjoys her play gym and bouncy chair and bats at the animals. She can even get them into her mouth a bit. But when I see the tables full of toys at sales and stores, I have no clue what to get. Probably most of them would entertain her at one time or another, but which ones are helpful developmentally? Which ones aren’t super-annoying? And how many toys are necessary to have at minimum?

And won’t she prefer the pots and pans half the time anyway?

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